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Wall Art Ideas for a Beach House

The beach is an evocative environment that inspires a sense of peace, serenity and freedom. When looking at pictures of the shoreline, you can almost smell the salt of the ocean and hear the seagulls overhead. Whether you're decorating a home on the coast or simply want to evoke the feel of the ocean, take some time to look through our collections of beach-inspired artwork.



House Styles








House Styles










Colorful Fish X-Rays

fish, colorful, x-ray

Butterfly Ray by Adam Summers Pacific Cod by Adam Summers Bonnethead Shark by Adam Summers Scalyhead Sculpin by Adam Summers Little Skate by Adam Summers Whitespotted Greenling by Adam Summers Spiny Lumpsucker by Adam Summers

Danny Phillips - Collage Art

collage, beach, travel, vintage, bicycle, bike, VW Van, VW Bug, Beach Bum, surfing

Playing Hooky by Danny Phillips Santa Cruise by Danny Phillips Sail Away by Danny Phillips The Chase by Danny Phillips Sun Fun Young by Danny Phillips Lifecycles by Danny Phillips The Perfect Day by Danny Phillips

Underwater with Enric Gener

water, ocean, waves, beach

131016-8876 by Enric Gener 140902-2229 by Enric Gener 160526-5628 by Enric Gener 160526-5803 by Enric Gener 110801-7050 by Enric Gener 160701-0395 by Enric Gener 140624-3462 by Enric Gener

Beach House Signs

beach, beach house, signs, water, ocean

Deep Sea Lobster by Paul Brent Sur La Plage by Paul Brent Bridgeport IV by Paul Brent Bridgeport V by Paul Brent Playa del Sol by Paul Brent Bridgeport I by Paul Brent Bridgeport IV by Paul Brent

Beach House Shell Fish

beach, beach house, house, shellfish, crab, lobster

Deep Sea Lobster by Paul Brent Bridgeport IV by Paul Brent Bridgeport V by Paul Brent Daily Catch Crabs by Paul Brent Chesapeake Crab by Paul Brent Fresh Catch Red Crab by Paul Brent Lobsters Galore by Paul Brent

Tranquil Waters

tranquil, water, peace, peaceful

balance by Stelios Kleanthous Zen by Stelios Kleanthous Jungle Journey 2 by Skip Nall Water Lily by Scott Norris Tranquility by Linda Woods Tranquility by Linda Woods Namaste by Linda Woods

Beach House Sea Shells

beach, house, beach house, sea, sea shells, shell, shells

Linen Shells I by Paul Brent Linen Shell II by Paul Brent Linen Shells III by Paul Brent Linen Shells IV by Paul Brent Spa Shells IV by Paul Brent Spa Shells III by Paul Brent Oceanic Shell Collage III by Paul Brent

Underwater Seaanimal Photography

underwater, water, ocean, sea, sea animal, sea animals, photography

Green Sea Turtle Swimming by Tim Fitzharris Butterflyfishes and turtle by MotHaiBaPhoto Prints Underwater panorama by MotHaiBaPhoto Prints Orca Mother And Newborn by Hiroya Minakuchi Green Sea Turtle - Maui by M Swiet Productions Hawksbill Sea Turtle In Mid-water by Karen Doody Swimming Lesson by Amy Tyler

Sean Davey - Underwater Photography

underwater, water, ocean, beach, photo, photography, underwater photography, sea life

friendly Hawaiian sea turtle  by Sean Davey Aqua Dive by Sean Davey Turtle clouds by Sean Davey Turtle Cruise by Sean Davey Turtle Ridge by Sean Davey Dolphin Pod by Sean Davey Beneath The Palms by Sean Davey

Brilliant Ocean Wave Photography

ocean, beach, waves, photography

Golden Mile by Sean Davey Aqua Dome by Sean Davey Shiny Comforter by Sean Davey All Pistons Firing. by Sean Davey Foam Wall by Sean Davey Rolled Gold by Sean Davey Aqua Curl by Sean Davey

Ships at Sea

ships, boats, sails, sailor

Christ walking on the Sea of Galilee by English School Engagement Between the 'Bonhomme Richard' and the ' Serapis' off Flamborough Head by Richard Willis The Cave of the Storm Nymphs by Sir Edward John Poynter Mary Rose  by Richard Willis Action Between U.S. Sloop-of-War 'Wasp' and H.M. Brig-of-War 'Frolic' by Richard Willis Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet Battle of Trafalgar by Louis Philippe Crepin

Abstract Sailboats

sailboat, boat, sail, ship, ocean, water

Triple Sails by Lutz Baar Coastguard by Lutz Baar Maritime Regatta by Lutz Baar Sealight Impression by Lutz Baar Navigare by Lutz Baar Big Sail by Lutz Baar Coast Impression II by Lutz Baar

Beach Lifeguard Towers

lifeguard towers, beach, ocean, sand

Newport Beach Pier - Wintertime  by Jim Carrell Orange County Lifeguard Tower Black and White Picture by Paul Velgos Newport Beach Pier and Lifeguard Tower 22 Photo by Paul Velgos Newport Pier and Lifeguard Tower in Black and White by Paul Velgos Zuma Beach Lifeguard Tower #3 Malibu California by Paul Velgos Santa Monica Lifeguard by Kelly Wade Hermosa Beach  by Bree Madden

Navigation and Compass Rose

navigation, direction, compass rose, north, west, east, south, sea, boat

Compass Rose by Judy Merrell Old style Africa map by Johan Swanepoel Aqua Maritime Patch by Debbie DeWitt Brass Compass and Pencil by Bob Orsillo Assorted compasses by Garry Gay Compass Face by Allan Swart zen scape by Laura Fasulo

Seascapes: Larry Marshall

seascapes, ocean, sunset

Heaven and Earth by Larry Marshall Seaside Reef Sunset 15 by Larry Marshall Scripps Pier Sunset by Larry Marshall Colorful Swamis Sunset by Larry Marshall Sunset at Swamis Beach 7 by Larry Marshall Sunset Reflections in San Diego square version by Larry Marshall Beautiful Southern California Sunset by Larry Marshall

Priska Wettstein All About Plants

still life, still lives, plant, plants, eternal, delicate, whimsical, pastel

leaves in dusty blue by Priska Wettstein whispers in the wind by Priska Wettstein endearing by Priska Wettstein I will hold you by Priska Wettstein twirling by Priska Wettstein where the wild roses grow by Priska Wettstein waterlilies home by Priska Wettstein

Priska Wettstein All About Still Lifes

still life, still lives, eternal, delicate, whimsical, pastel, fruit, food, flower, fruits, foods, flowers

apple pear on a table by Priska Wettstein green apples and blue thistles by Priska Wettstein march by Priska Wettstein mazzo by Priska Wettstein apricot delight by Priska Wettstein garlic cloves by Priska Wettstein brain stuff by Priska Wettstein